Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Glade and Carolyn spent Halloween weekend in Iowa enjoying our newest grandson---Matthew and Mary, too! Wish we could have spent another day or two.

Colton Matthew Smith one month old

Mary, Matthew, and Colton with Gma and Gpa Smith.

General Conference weekend

Gma Smith kept Britni's three oldest kids while she and Derek went to General Conference. Ryan and family came Thursday night for an essential oils meeting, and I even had Brigham for awhile.

Gma supported Dathan's and Blake's soccer team---even during conference.


Gpa had the magic touch with Johanna after quite a while of crying.

Carson and Savanna playing house with water---outside.

Dallan serenading us---if only the guitar would stay tuned!

Brigham---Gma's such a good babysitter

Carolyn's class

I'm taking a digital photo class this semester. I'm learning some, but it's often frustrating. Here are a few of my shots, not photo-shopped. The kids are mostly sober-faced because I can't get their picture taken when they are smiling naturally. I'm too slow making all my adjustments to the camera!

Our temple











Monday, November 1, 2010

Trenton's Bday

Trenton turned 19---and we talked him in to staying around long enough for cake and ice cream!

Trenton and Lincoln paused to pose.

Britni's family helped celebrate.

Trenton enjoying.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arkansas 2010 Vacation

For family vacation Glade, Jessica, Trenton, and I went to Arkansas to visit Shaun and his family. We spent one afternoon jet skiing on Beaver Lake. (The kids were bummed because you had to be 25 to drive.) The next day we spent on a boat with a tube and wake board. We did a little cliff jumping, too. Shaun, Trenton, and Glade also went on a fishing trip. They caught their limit in about 2 hours. Cheramie's freezer is full of stripers now. Glade and Trenton went home and Jeck and I stayed a few days longer so Shaun and Cheramie could go on an overnight date. It was great fun. The babies are running all over and Anderson thoroughly enjoyed being with Jessica again.

Trenton stiking a pose on the tube.
Jessica wiping out big time!
No hands!
Mr. Beaverlake!
Glade, Trenton, and Shaun with their catch.
The big jump---Glade and Shaun

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stefani & Guy Nolan

I finally got Stefani & Guy's wedding pictures on my computer. Here's one of my favorites. I hope to learn how to put them all on a web album so you can see all of them.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Palmer Spring Break

The boys got impatient waiting for Uncle Trenton
to give them a ride on the 4 wheeler,
so started pushing it themselves.

Kaitlyn and Bryant were glad Trenton had school,
so they could enjoy the computers.

The kids got out Great Gpa Smith's old
mattress pad and used it to slide down
the stairs innumerable times-sometimes
crashing, but mostly fast fun
We enjoyed Gpa's jelly bean lesson. Mason
and Dathan show which color they chose.
Kaitlyn waiting for turn?!
Addy and Raely trying to see what color to choose.
Blake and Savannah trying to choose
a color without seeing in bag.

Shannon and kids came here after the dental
convention to enjoy part of their spring break.
We celebrated Gpa Smith's Bday.